Ep 04: The Business Examiner with John MacDonald

John MacDonald is the publisher of the Business Examiner News Group. The mission of this British Columbia news publisher is to facilitate local economic development by providing business news online on three different platforms and in the production of in-person events.

During our discussion, John shares trends BC businesses should be aware of, from understanding where to put their marketing dollars when it comes to digital marketing to political moves that have a big impact, like inflation due to environmental taxing.

John also shares three big takeaways for B2Bs:
1. What is your sales cycle? Consider the touch points to convert clients.
2. Examine your return on investment over the lifetime of your client.
3. Look at your marketing budget like you would an investment portfolio.

The Business Examiner is not only news, but also 50 per cent events. The news group hosts six annual events with the intent of providing a platform for organizations to showcase who they are to the region’s business community, the projects they’ve completed and for participants to network with other business leaders, ultimately driving more sales, new hires and fostering new connections.

What’s Inside:
— The current trends for British Columbia businesses.
— 3 tips for marketing for B2B companies.
— How to navigating the shift from print to digital marketing.
— The Business Examiner News Group: digital news and events.

Mentioned In This Episode:
— Business Examiner: http://www.businessexaminer.ca
— MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca