& Undervalued

We believe that team members in public practice CPA firms are overworked and undervalued. But we are not to blame for this troubling fact. The traditional accounting firm business model is.

If you are someone who got into the CPA profession for all the right reasons, only to find yourself snared by a model that promotes overwork, underpay and clients conditioned to gripe about these bills, then we invite you to contact us.

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Join us as we set the traditional accounting firm business model on fire.

The traditional model of trading dollars for hours and cranking out as many tax returns as possible is outdated, oppressive and robs us of our freedom and conditions us into believing 3 Lies:

  • That our WORTH is equal to how many hours we work
  • That our CLIENTS are naturally price sensitive to our services, and
  • That TAX time just has to suck.

At MBA we are out to change this.


The MBA Way is not only valuable to our clients, it also gives us 3 Freedoms as well:

  • MONEY – to make a great income,
  • CLIENTS – to serve ideal clients who value what we do, and
  • TIME – to claim back free time for ourselves.

Our 10 year vision is to bring The MBA Way to 15,000 business owners across Canada. To do this we are going to need more great team members.

At MBA every position in our organization is needed to make our vision a reality. Executive Assistants, Financial Planners, Accountants, Partners — and everything in between.

Contact us today to see if we’re a fit to set the traditional accounting firm business
model on fire.