Ep 03: Here Come The Girls with Don Barden

Host Erik Solbakken is joined by “Frustrated Anthroplogist” Don Barden. Don is bursting with industry knowledge and insights from his recent works.

Don discusses his work for the internationally acclaimed book “The Perfect Plan,” where he studied the elite producers in the global economy. Outlining their secret sauce, structures and common threads. His great science of business continues in his new book, Here Come The Girls.

Don takes us on a walk through history, trends of male dominance, and the rise of women in business, leading to a takeover with women leaders in 2028. There are 3 vital needs for women, employees, and consumers alike.

Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Understood.

These are the natural ways women lead. Don describes this by explaining problem solving in the workplace and how women allow employees and consumers to feel valued and empowered.

Here is where it gets REALLY good. This is not just a girl thing; its just something girls do. Anyone, man or woman, can adopt these traits of leadership, and it will transform their business.

Want an e-copy of “The Perfect Plan”? Reach out to Don Barden on LinkedIn. Already read it? Be on the lookout for “Here Come The Girls” and connect with Don about how he might be able to help you and your business.

What’s Inside:
—History’s impact on the insurgence of women leaders in the coming years?
—Why are women owned businesses performing 3x over men owned businesses?
—What are the three things employees and consumers need to feel valued?
—Is it just a girl thing… or can everyone impact their businesses like women leaders?

Mentioned In This Episode:
—Don Barden – The Perfect Plan | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donwbarden/
—MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca

Ep 02: Easy AI For Your Business with Evan Ryan

The news is covering AI in the media as a dangerous technology here to take your jobs. Founder and CEO of Teammate AI Evan Ryan joins me to share how AI is not only not taking your job, but making your job easier.

Evan’s mission with Teammate AI is to simplify AI to automate time consuming, boring tasks so that humans have more time to be creative, solve problems and bring value to their clients. And in recent years, industries like accounting have experienced an increased loss of staff due to the Great Resignation post pandemic. AI elevates the pressure on your lowered staff levels, lightening the load of basic tasks no one really wants to do.

Stay tuned to the end, where Evan walks us through a resource he has shared with our listeners to get started with AI. He has included access to common AI tools, videos, tutorials and a space to experiment and demystify AI in a safe, less intimidating way.

If you take anything away, understand that AI is not a fad. You have probably used it in some form to take the burden off certain tasks without even realizing it. Automation is only improving; you have the choice of how you will use it to help you.

What’s Inside:
—The difference in vision between national accounting firms and the MBA way.
—Why business owners are so important.
—The three step formula of Profit Advisory.

Today’s Guest:
Evan Ryan is the founder and CEO of Teammate AI, a company that specializes in showing businesses how to automate boring tasks, expand their teamwork and scale their impact using AI.
As a digital nomad, he’s traveled to more than 20 countries since March 2022 by harnessing AI to give him a life of freedom.

Mentioned In This Episode:
​​—Free AI Resource (Teammate AI): https://teammateai.com/mbaway/
—MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca

Ep 01: Profit Advisory For Business Owners with Steve Wilkinghoff

MBA Chartered Professional Accountants see business owners as the most important people in the world; they see the flaws of the traditional accounting model and want to put the MBA Way to work to grow your business and your life. Welcome to The MBA Way podcast.

Host, Erik Solbakken interviews Steve Wilkinghoff, CPA Business Intelligence Officer and author of Found Money. Steve shares about his career and when his vision for a focus on profit became clear. National firms didn’t see eye to eye with him on the importance of increasing profit for business owners. Now, teamed up with Erik, they have created Profit Advisory, a new service for business owners.

Profit Advisory consists of three prescriptive focuses.
1. The team analyzes your unique data.
2. Receive a totally customized dashboard for your business focuses.
3. Monthly check-ins with Red-Yellow-Green actionable profitability steps.

Business owners make the world go round – Erik and Steve see that and want to do everything they can to increase profit through the 360 of their lives. Reach out to Erik at MBACPA.CA for more information.

What’s Inside:
•The difference in vision between national accounting firms and the MBA way.
•Why business owners are so important.
•The three-step formula of Profit Advisory.

Today’s Guest:
Steve’s background has evolved from CPA and partner in a national accounting firm to bestselling author and business analytics expert. Steve brings more than 20 years of analyzing small and mid-sized companies to find additional profit opportunities. His work includes projects inside private equity firms, operational and CFO roles and advising small and mid-sized private companies. Along with a variety of companies, his work has also spanned the globe – from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Romania, the USA and of course, Canada. He has an obsession with helping small and mid-sized companies succeed at becoming more profitable. His Data-Driven Framework guides companies to smash through the Data-Driven Barrier and outperform and outcompete their less data-driven competitors by finding overlooked profit opportunities using their data. This framework has become the hallmark of Profit Advisory Formula, the company he co-founded. Steve has a fondness for working with growth-oriented small and mid-sized companies and several clients have been recognized with membership on lists such as Inc. 500, Profit 500, Profit Hot 50, Venture 250, and Canada’s Best Managed Companies. When he’s not geeking out about frameworks, profit analytics techniques and data models, you will find him spending time with his family, traveling overseas, or enjoying a nice pint of craft lager. If you want a laugh, ask Steve about the time he was delivered to his Liverpool hotel in a police car, with lights and sirens on, after being mistaken for a mobster.

Mentioned In This Episode:
•MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca