Ep 05: Your Unique Ability with Julia Waller

How much more excited would you be about your future if you had everyone working in your unique ability? Julia Waller, Unique Ability Expert, is like a guiding light, showing people and businesses the power of Unique Ability. It’s all about breaking free from the rut of just being “good” or “excellent” at something and diving deep into what truly lights you up.

Finding your UA is not just coaching; it’s a journey into people’s souls, unlocking natural energy and helping discover what makes people truly unique. Imagine a workplace where everyone is doing what they love most, where passion fuels productivity and creativity knows no bounds. That’s the vision Julia paints, and it’s a game-changer for any business.

Julia explains the levels of activity we can use to classify and find our Unique Abilities: 1. Superior Skill, 2. Passion, 3. Energy, 4. Never Ending Improvement. We all work in a variety of activities, including incompetent, competent, excellent, and Unique Ability. I like to say I suck at it, I’m good at it, I’m great at it, or it’s my unique ability. The difference between “great” (my excellent activity) and my unique ability is my energy. Julia Waller’s number one tip … follow your energy.

Who wouldn’t want a self-managing company culture where individuals are empowered to bring their talents and energy to the table, contributing to the bigger picture in their own unique ways? Then add a self-multiplying company to the picture, because that’s what happens when people use their passions and energy to grow the value of a business.

Julia’s approach isn’t just about professional success; it’s about personal fulfillment too. It’s about saying no to the things that drain your energy and yes to the ones that make your heart sing. It’s about nurturing your true self and watching as your potential explodes into purposeful action. It’s about having fun, creating results and expanding your freedom all at the same time. That’s the world Julia Waller is working to create — one where work doesn’t feel like work because you’re doing what you were meant to do.

Be sure to check out the resources we’ve linked to learn more about Strategic Coaching and Unique Ability!

What’s Inside:
—How can Unique Ability change the future for you, your business and even the world?
—Finding the difference between excellent activities and Unique Ability.
—What can Unique Ability do for your business?
—The four levels of activity: Incompetent, Competent, Excellent and Unique Ability.

Mentioned In This Episode:
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—Unique Ability: http://www.uniqueability.com
—MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca