Ep 02: Easy AI For Your Business with Evan Ryan

The news is covering AI in the media as a dangerous technology here to take your jobs. Founder and CEO of Teammate AI Evan Ryan joins me to share how AI is not only not taking your job, but making your job easier.

Evan’s mission with Teammate AI is to simplify AI to automate time consuming, boring tasks so that humans have more time to be creative, solve problems and bring value to their clients. And in recent years, industries like accounting have experienced an increased loss of staff due to the Great Resignation post pandemic. AI elevates the pressure on your lowered staff levels, lightening the load of basic tasks no one really wants to do.

Stay tuned to the end, where Evan walks us through a resource he has shared with our listeners to get started with AI. He has included access to common AI tools, videos, tutorials and a space to experiment and demystify AI in a safe, less intimidating way.

If you take anything away, understand that AI is not a fad. You have probably used it in some form to take the burden off certain tasks without even realizing it. Automation is only improving; you have the choice of how you will use it to help you.

What’s Inside:
—The difference in vision between national accounting firms and the MBA way.
—Why business owners are so important.
—The three step formula of Profit Advisory.

Today’s Guest:
Evan Ryan is the founder and CEO of Teammate AI, a company that specializes in showing businesses how to automate boring tasks, expand their teamwork and scale their impact using AI.
As a digital nomad, he’s traveled to more than 20 countries since March 2022 by harnessing AI to give him a life of freedom.

Mentioned In This Episode:
​​—Free AI Resource (Teammate AI): https://teammateai.com/mbaway/
—MBA CPA: http://www.mbacpa.ca