ADHD is not synonymous with unruly school kids; it’s about a different process going on in the brain. André Brisson, host of The Impulsive Thinker, owner of an entrepreneurial consulting engineering company, and creator of Tactical Breakthroughs, was himself diagnosed with ADHD at age 44. An entire lifetime of struggles and hardships explained by four little letters.

ADHD isn’t an uncommon diagnosis, especially in the entrepreneurial world. In fact, people with ADHD are 500% more likely to be entrepreneurs. It is estimated that 4–5% of adults and 29% of entrepreneurs have ADHD. Research estimates that 3.3 million American adults have been diagnosed with ADHD, but 85% of people are undiagnosed.

Interest-driven behavior and time blindness are just some of the behaviors that come from an ADHD brain André explains. But there isn’t anything wrong with you. André actually says ADHD is the only diagnosis that is actually triggered by how your behavior affects those around you, not how it affects yourself. With Tactical Breakthroughs, he’s developed an ADHD Transformation Journey program that helps entrepreneurs align three key pillars affected by ADHD: Environment Control, Habits, and Personal Rules.

If you’re listening to this episode and your brain is pinging all over the place and you’re thinking “Hey! That’s me!,” check out some of the resources mentioned, like the personality tests (PRINT, Kolbe, or Clifton Strengths), reach out to organizations like CADDAC for ADHD awareness, and go check out the work André is doing with his podcast and new company, Tactical Breakthroughs.

What’s Inside:
—What does ADHD do to the brain?
—Why ADHD isn’t a “problem”.
—How societal norms make things difficult for ADHD brains.
—How common is ADHD?
—How to be a successful entrepreneur with ADHD: 3 key pillars!

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