How would you like all of your business and financial information collected, analyzed and organized on your behalf so we can plan your financial roadmap? Let’s talk about taking that headache away…

Whether you are a high net worth individual, a business owner or entrepreneur, a corporate director or executive, we believe in having a well laid out financial plan with specific goals and professional advisors to implement your strategy.

In order to have the most effective financial plan, we need to understand where you are financially today. We listen to your goals and objectives and work with you to develop your plan and implement a strategy to get you there. 

McFadden Buttar & Associates CPAs Inc. can help collect all your personal financial data, determine your personal net worth, evaluate your business, and determine your risk factors and tolerance to create a financial snapshot of your current situation.

We then help you set the goals and discuss a plan to achieve them.

Finally, we implement the best strategies to successfully get you to that retirement target. We can work with your existing team of advisors or help you build one by introducing you to suitably qualified financial advisors, licensed insurance agents, bankers and lawyers. Our Integrated Wealth Plan helps to ensure all your professional advisors are working towards the same goal and managing their share of your strategy. Our passion is helping you implement your strategy. 

This is an all encompassing business and personal exercise that will walk you through all the financial, legal and family aspects to be considered in planning your retirement.

Clients receive a professional binder with all the pertinent data collected, financial projections, plans and reports for their records. We offer a Personal Financial Annual Check Up to update the information, track progress and mitigate unforeseen changes. 

Smart made simple.

Put our knowledge to work for you.