All Canadians should have a documented personal financial plan.

Entrepreneurs often invest all their assets into their business and do not formally plan for their retirement years. That's why we take an integrated approach to your wealth plan, because the business is the retirement plan. 

An effective plan will usually have three distinct stages:

  • Accumulate Wealth
  • Protect Wealth
  • Manage Wealth

Accumulating wealth is usually the result of a lifetime’s hard work. You’ve made some smart decisions, you’ve put your heart and soul into your business and now you have a significant net worth. At this stage in your life, doesn’t it make sense to protect and manage what you’ve accumulated?

Wealth Planning often includes:

  • Net Worth Assessment
  • Setting goals
  • Working with a financial advisor
  • Analysis of cash flow from all sources
  • Working with tax specialists as needed
  • Technical aspects of financial inheritance from the sale of your business

We can help you organize your affairs to ensure you need never have to worry about money again!

There are many professionals who you could engage as a part of your team.

You’ll need a great Lawyer, Banker and Investment Advisor to work with and if you do not already have such a team, we can help you put one together just for you.

We will ensure that you surround yourself with the right people with the right approach to help you achieve the results you require.

Smart made simple.

Put our knowledge to work for you.