‘It’s nice to have money if only for financial reasons’ – Woody Allen

Business financing is a constant subject that clients ask us about. Whether its struggles with cash flow management, out growing their existing line of credit or the opportunity to acquire new assets, it takes money to make money.

Business owners often don’t know exactly what they need or how to ask for it when it comes to financing. Let us prepare your financing proposals; we understand what it takes to get a timely and accurate application approved.

We prepare full financing packages with all the documentation demonstrating the key information and viability of your project and/or business. Your team at McFadden Buttar & Associates CPAs Inc. has excellent relationships with our local chartered banks, credit unions and other financing alternatives.

We have a strong understanding of each institutions offering including their appetite for industries, projects, application processes and which is the best fit for our clients. Whether our client is applying for financing for a new project and/or is in need of a full banking ‘overhaul’; we prepare all the pertinent information and meet with the banks on your behalf to find the best fit for your business and/or project. 

Smart made simple.

Put our knowledge to work for you.