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We believe that a fixed annual fee helps our clients make the best decisions for their business and affairs.

We don’t want our clients making bad decisions because they were fearful of receiving a large bill for a small question or scenario. Our clients have access to us throughout the year for those questions or situations they aren’t trained or designated to answer.

Once a year billing means you’ve got more time to deal with what really matters. During our initial no obligations assessment we will quote you a fee structure for our services. Our professional fees are offered on a fixed basis once we have assessed your needs and business objectives.

This means that you will never get a surprise bill from us.

Examples of questions/scenarios that are included in your annual bill:

  • CRA questions or communication
  • GST questions
  • Questions related to financing or banking affairs
  • Copies of Financial Statements/returns
  • Bookkeeping  and accounting software questions (i.e. – Simply Accounting)
  • Advice on investments or large purchases (i.e. - commercial real estate)
  • WCB questions
  • Lease vs buy
  • Basic tax planning 

Beyond the Year End Services

There are times when you need more from your Chartered Accountant than just compliance work.

When specific research or additional planning is required we offer services that help our clients get better results, save on tax and plan their financial future. This is more complex work that we are well placed to assist you with. 

We will quote specific fees for these services, giving you complete control.

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